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Bailey & Mackey’s range of Pressure Switches is built to the highest standards of workmanship required for such precision devices, with our Series 5000 also offering ATEX approved micro-switch enclosures. Each individual Pressure Switch is subject to a series of stringent pressure and calibration tests before despatch.

The maximum pressure that we manufacture to is 700 bar (10000 psi)


Bailey & Mackey Pressure Switches

measure pressures relative to atmospheric pressure and are divided into three main groups, each group being based on a different measuring principle. The majority of our pressure switches have a SPDT micro-switch fitted, including versions in ATEX approved housing, but where double pole switching is required, we can supply a range of pressure switches fitted with a DPDT micro-switch.

Diaphragm Switches

consists of either a corrugated metallic diaphragm or a synthetic rubber diaphragm. Metallic diaphragms are more versatile as the diaphragm can be treated to meet the majority of chemical applications, where as synthetic rubber diaphragms are limited to the compatibility of the synthetic rubber. The maximum pressure that diaphragm switches normally operate is 42 bar but they can be overload protected to 200 bar. Diaphragm pressure switches can also be set to switch in vacuum.

Piston Switches

consists of a piston that has a o’ring seal that is either mounted on the piston or in the body. Piston switches are normally used where the pressure is above that of diaphragm switches. Piston switches should not be used on gasses due to the inherent high friction that an o’ring has especially when pressure is not applied for a period of time. Piston switches are for high-pressure applications of up to 700 bar.

Bourdon Tube Switches

consists of a formed tube with one end fixed and the
other end free to deflect under pressure and operate
an electrical switch. Bourdon tube switches should
be used for high pressure gas applications.

Pressure ranges up to 600 bar can be supplied.

Bailey & Mackey Pressure Switches can be
modified to suit almost any requirement.

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