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Bailey & Mackey’s ranges of Bourdon, Diaphragm & Differential Pressure Gauges are high precision instruments suited to a diverse spectrum of industrial users.

Manufactured to the highest standards under an exacting quality control regime, they perform with unerring reliability over a long lifetime.


Bailey & Mackey Pressure Gauges

Bailey & Mackey manufacture a range of high quality pressure gauges of the Bourdon tube, diaphragm and differential pressure types. All are built to the highest standards of workmanship required for such precision equipment. Each individual gauge is subjected to the most stringent pressure and calibration test before despatch.

Bourdon Tube

Bourdon tube gauges are available in 50mm up to 250mm sizes, and in operating ranges from 0-1 bar up to 0-600 bar. The Bourdon tubes are normally made from phosphor bronze, but stainless steel tubes and blocks are also available, for 100mm size, with an option on stainless steel casings. Where gas pressures above 25 bar are involved gauges are built with a solid baffle beneath the dial, perspex or safety glass and blow-out plug in the casing. In the unlikely event of a blow-out the plug is discharged from the rear of the case.

Diaphragm Type

Diaphragm pressure gauges are available in 80, 100, and 150mm sizes and ranges from 0-50 mbar up to 40 bar. The pressure chamber can be machined in corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel 316 and UPVC, with the spring diaphragm protected by a similar corrosive resistant material.

Differential Pressure Type

These gauges are designed to have the two pressures directly opposed either side of a spring diaphragm. Movement of the diaphragm, due to difference in pressure, is transmitted through low friction seals to the indicator mechanism. Differential pressure gauges can be supplied with square root scales to indicate flow when connected across orifice plates in pipes.

                                                  Sizes from 80 mm to 160 mm diameter,
                                                  with pressure ranges up to 10 bar
                                                  with 34bar line pressure, are available.

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