Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

100 and 160 mm Diameter

Maximum Pressure 40 bar

Maximum Vacuum 1 bar

Combined Pressure & Vacuum

All Metal Construction

High Pressure Diaphragm Gauges Type

Standard Calibrations

(For lower pressures, call our technical department).

Special Dial Markings

Dials calibrated in other pressure units - such as kN/m2, MN/m2, kPa, Kg/cm2,
cm water, meters of water, cm Hg, inches Hg etc., single scale, dual scale or with square root markings - can be supplied if required. An extra charge is made for special dial marking, dependent on the costs involved.

Gauges with dials marked positive and negative relative to atmospheric pressure, to indicate pressure and vacuum on the same instrument, can be supplied.

Please note: Absolute Pressure Gauges are not available

Technical Detail

Click on the image below for a PDF providing detailed specifications, variants and options.

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