Diaphragm Temperature Transmitter

Diaphragm Gauge Transmitter

100mm and 160mm Diameter

For Viscous Liquids

Max. Temperature 300°C

Will accept overload
up to 25 bar

Used where a Syphon Tube
cannot be fitted

For Bitumen Road Spraying Bars, Boilers and other high temperature applications

Diaphragm Pressure Gauges Temperature Transmitter

Special Features

1. Pressure passage through the brass G1/2 (1/2” BSP) pressure connection is 3/8” dia. (9.5mm) instead of the normal 3mm (1/8”) dia. This reduces the possibility of blockage when the liquid becomes cold and very viscous. If this is considered to be too small other designs of pressure connections are available, and also alternative materials as described on pages 11 and 12.

2. The 450mm of coiled small bore tube which connects the transmitter diaphragm to the working diaphragm, has the effect of damping out pressure pulsations as well as providing a temperature gradient.

3. Transmitter liquid is normally Shell Calibrating Fluid; for special applications the following alternatives have been used – paraffin, distilled water, glycerine, vinegar, or silicone only where temperatures above 140°C are involved.

4. An overload stop is fitted above the working diaphragm so that gauges will not be damaged by high pressures which may be generated starting from cold or changing from off-load recirculate to on-load spray.

NOTE: The flange-clamping bolts must not be slackened as this will break the pressure seal and render the gauge inoperative.


Method of Operating

Pressure is applied to a flexible thin stainless steel transmitter diaphragm clamped between the lower flanges. Deflection of this lower diaphragm transmits the pressure up the liquid filled coiled tube to the “working” diaphragm clamped between the upper flanges. Movement of the working diaphragm is indicated by the gauge pointer via a mechanism in the normal way.

The working diaphragm and gauge mechanism are situated
far enough away from the hot fluid for the reading not to be
affected by fluid temperatures up to 300°C.


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