Bailey & Mackey’s range of Bourdon Pressure Gauges is built to the highest standards of workmanship required for such precision instruments. Each individual Pressure Gauge is subject to a series of stringent pressure and calibration tests before despatch.

The maximum pressure that we manufacture to is 700 bar (10000 psi)



Bourdon Tube Gauges consist of a formed tube with one end fixed and the other end free to deflect under pressure. This type of gauge is only available for applications where the material of the tube (e.g. Beryllium Copper or Stainless Steel) is compatible with the fluid in the system


Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges with brass connections and phosphor bronze tubes are suitable for use on air, water, oils and other fluids compatible with these materials. (When used on steam a syphon should be fitted and filled with water prior to use). Pressure Gauges manufactured in stainless steel are for use with corrosive fluids, in corrosive environments or where food/hygiene requirements demand a higher specification.


All sizes of Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges can be supplied for indication of vacuum relative to atmospheric pressure.

Gauges calibrated 0–30in Hg or 0–760mm Hg will, normally, have their pointers moving clockwise on increasing vacuum. Gauges calibrated 0–1 bar have their pointers moving anti-clockwise. Absolute Pressure Gauges are not included in the Bailey & Mackey range.

Combined Pressure And Vacuum

Gauges indicating of both pressure and vacuum in one instrument can are also manufactured.

Working Pressure

It is recommended that the gauge range should be chosen so that the working pressure is not more than 65% of the maximum scale value for fluctuating pressures or 75% for steady pressures.


Bailey & Mackey Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges are normally supplied to the accuracy laid down in BS EN 837.

The maximum pressure that we manufacture to is 700 bar (10000 psi)

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